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System Description
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System Description

The VisiTank® system consists of three primary elements:

  • Wireless Sensors (Liquid Level, Propane, Temperature, etc)
  • Data Collector/Modem (Landline, Cellular)
  • Host Computer Software and Database Platform (Microsoft Windows Based)

Wireless sensors measure specific environmental conditions for which they are designed. For example the Rocket ultrasonic sensor periodically measures distance from the top of a tank to the fuel level surface. This measurement is transmitted wirelessly to the Data Collector/Modem which in turn delivers the measurement to the Host Computer platform. This is based on scheduled dial-outs or when the fuel level (or change in fuel level) indicates that a dial-out is required. Finally, the Host Computer converts the measurement to volume (gallons) and makes the information available to administrative personnel. In addition, alerts in the form of e-mails, text messages and other formats are used to inform designated persons of the occurrence of time-sensitive events, such as low fuel level. Propane and Temperature sensors function in a similar manner.

For a system diagram, click on the PDF document link below.
 VisiTank 3.0 Field Site Architecture

For more information on system functionality and implementation for Retail Fuel Marketers,
please click on the PDF document link below.
 VisiTank 3.0 System Introduction

For more information on features and implementation for Property Management Firms,
please click on the PDF document link below.
 VisiTank 3.0 for Property Management Market

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