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Retail Fuel Marketers  |  Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms  |  Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes

Retail Fuel Marketers

The VisiTank® system is ideal for monitoring residential homes and businesses that are customers of the retail oil and propane dealer. It has been found that customer retention for monitored accounts is close to 100%, which by itself can justify the investment.

The system replaces older hard-wired monitoring "alarm only" products with state-of-the-art wireless technology that not only delivers alarms such as Low Level, Low Temperature, etc, but also provides actual data such as fuel volume, fuel usage, fuel delivery notifications, temperature, etc.

In addition, the system can deliver alarms based on the closure of "normally open" circuits, such as fuel burner "Lockout", power outages, etc. The overall monitoring capabilities are especially effective for:

  • New Accounts (unknown K-factor)
  • Vacation or second Homes
  • Snowbird Homes
  • Pool Heaters
  • Mixed fuel usage (e.g. wood and oil)
  • Business accounts
  • High volume accounts
  • Bulk LPG tanks (e.g. 30,000 gal)

E-mail, SMS text message, Pager and Fax alerts can be configured to deliver alarm events to company personnel, a central monitoring company as well as the customer if so desired.

Data from the home or business is typically transmitted via a landline telephone modem using the customer's existing line on a non-interfering basis. Cellular modems are expected to be available during the second half of 2010.

A VisiTank® software platform is installed on the fuel marketer's computer systems by our personnel. This software includes application programs and SQL databases that provide all of the functionality and administrative capabilities required to implement the system. All data transactions from the customer's location go to the fuel marketer's computer platform. This allows for complete ownership of the data and the ability to integrate VisiTank® data into existing back office software packages.

There are no monitoring fees charged to the fuel marketer by VisiTank®.

Complete software/administrative training is provided (on-site or via web conference). Field hardware installation training is provided as required.

An optional web access application is available to the Fuel Marketer that allows granting of access to data for a single account via a username/password login. For many homeowners and businesses, this access may be highly desirable and could represent an ongoing revenue stream for the Fuel Marketer.

Retail Fuel Marketers  |  Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms  |  Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes





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