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Retail Fuel Marketers  |  Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms  |  Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes

Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms

Fuel costs for multi-unit residential or commercial buildings are one of the largest expenses incurred by the owner or property manager. Unlike typical single family homes, these types of properties often consume 20,000 to 40,000 gallons of oil or propane each year. This means that usage is high and deliveries are being made frequently.

The VisiTank® system is ideally suited for these applications. Our system can be installed on large 2,000-10,000 gallon oil tanks typically found in basements of city apartment buildings, such as in New York City boroughs.

Suburban apartment or condominium complexes using community oil or propane tanks represent another typical application.

Yet another market involves condominium associations and property management firms specializing in the vacation home market, such as ski mountain or lake properties. Here there is a dual application: The association or management firm is interested in making sure the properties don't run out of fuel and that deliveries were made. However, the owners may be interested in monitoring temperatures in their units or homes to ensure that fuel is not being wasted when the units are unoccupied, for example between rentals.

The Visitank® system provides these benefits to the Property Manager:

  • Avoids relying on a building superintendent to monitor the tank level
  • Accurate knowledge of tank levels at all times
  • Centralized control over purchasing and scheduling of fuel deliveries
  • Automatic notification of fuel delivery (within 30-60 minutes after delivery)
  • Independent verification of delivered amount (gallons)
  • Calculation of average daily fuel usage
  • Graphs and reports for each building, including history of all deliveries
  • Future reports will provide average usage per residential unit or room. This allows comparisons between buildings

For this application, the software and databases are hosted by VisiTank®. All data is available over the internet by logging in through our designated web page. This can be done from anywhere in the world. No software is needed.

An annual service fee is charged per building (installed Modem) which includes data transaction costs, data hosting, data access and customer support.

VisiTank® offers full installation services in coordination with the property management firm. We will contact your superintendents if needed and perform all work necessary. This "turnkey" approach saves lots of time and effort for all parties. As each building is completed, it will automatically show up on the web site.

A working landline is required at each installation (customer is responsible for that cost) unless a cellular option is selected. All landline data transactions use toll-free numbers and those costs are included in the annual service fee. For cellular installations, the annual service fee includes the cellular service contract cost.

Retail Fuel Marketers  |  Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms  |  Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes





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