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Retail Fuel Marketers  |  Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms  |  Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes

Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes

Organizations with multi-tank installations for oil, propane or other fluids are an ideal application for the VisiTank® system. Enormous time savings can be realized and uncertainty eliminated by monitoring multiple tanks located within a specific complex or tanks distributed over a large geographic area.

The Visitank® system provides these benefits:

  • Reduces cost of employees assigned to verify and record tank levels
  • Accurate knowledge of tank levels at all time
  • Centralized control over purchasing and scheduling of fuel deliveries
  • Automatic notification of Low (or High) tank levels
  • Automatic notification of delivery (within 30-60 minutes after delivery)
  • Independent verification of delivered amount (gallons)
  • Calculation of average daily usage
  • Graphs and reports for each tank, including history of all deliveries
  • Temperature monitoring for controlled environments such as green houses

Industrial uses include manufacturing plants of various types that use fuels, fluids, chemicals, water, etc contained in tanks in various places throughout a large plant space or compound. Eliminates the need to assign personnel to manually check the tanks, especially during inclement weather or in locations difficult or hazardous to access. Allows centralized management of assets and inventory. Facilitates efficient and timely ordering and delivery of products to the tanks.

Institutional uses include Government facilities, universities, secondary schools and other organizations that have multiple fuel and other tanks on their property. For example, a typical university in the Northeast could have 100 -150 fuel tanks scattered across the campus. Preventing run-outs and scheduling deliveries efficiently is highly beneficial to the organization. Granting of web access to the tank data for preferred fuel marketers is possible if desired.

Agricultural applications include large farms and farming co-ops that offer fuel, chemical and fluid delivery services to their members. Large and often unfriendly geographies could be managed centrally and with certainty. Run-outs and short deliveries are avoided.

For this application, the software and databases are hosted by VisiTank®. All data is available over the internet by logging in through our designated web page. This can be done from anywhere in the world. No software is needed.

An annual service fee is charged per location (installed Modem) which includes data transaction costs, data hosting, data access and customer support.

VisiTank® offers full installation services if needed and practical and is dependent on location, number of tanks to be monitored and the specific nature of the installation. Alternatively, we will work with our customers on detailed installation training classes to ensure proper and efficient installation. As each installation is completed, it will automatically show up on the web site.

A working landline is required at each installation (customer is responsible for that cost) unless a cellular option is selected. All landline data transactions use toll-free numbers and those costs are included in the annual service fee. For cellular installations, the annual service fee includes the cellular service contract cost.

Retail Fuel Marketers  |  Residential and Commercial Property Management Firms  |  Industrial, Institutional and Agricultural Complexes





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